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Hemijska Industrija Vranje
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Hemijska Industrija Vranje is a well known name in the industry.
For more than 50 years we have experiened continual growth, pushing our business forward, utilising our guiding principals of quality in production, safety, good design, innovation and performance.
Our company practices a continual programme of research and development, ensuring our products stay ahead of the game.

Our goal is to provide:

a rich selection of innovative products

personalisation in design and service, thus creating unique custom made products

flexibility, to meet the needs of our customers for both small and large orders

Each product is designed for a specific use. We have three main objectives for our soles: to guarantee the best performance, to give the highest levels of comfort and to provide quality and durability in long term use.

We offer an extremely wide range of products and services, including a complete mechanical mould departament able to produce custom moulds.

We aim to, and achieve, on time delivery of orders.

We have created strong relationships with our customers, many of whom have been with us for a long time.

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